CHALLENGE: Mountain Dew is a brand closely associated with action sports in the U.S. How do we make this brand relevant to the rest of the world?

CREATIVE IDEA: Dive deeper into the brand to discover its core values of camaraderie and self-expression. Empower global “Dew Dudes” to express themselves in their own ways.


The iconic bottle was used as a window to creativity and self expression.


By using the glowing bottle shape as a design element international markets could feature relevant situations. Talent was sourced from street casting to give an authentic feel.


Dewify Yourself: A Facebook App where fans could put themselves into the action by adding their face to an animated gif and sharing it with friends.


Social content featured different setups and talent to keep it culturally relevant and authentic for each market.


We created three Playbooks for Battleground, Challenger and Stronghold markets. More than just a design exercise, we developed the core brand strategy and business models.