Collectively (now VICE IMPACT) was a sustainability vertical VICE launched in 2014 in partnership with 20+ brands. Working directly with CEO's, CMO's and NGO's, we wanted to hold each other accountable while empowering individuals to take part in their daily life to create change.

BRAND BELIEF: Collectively is a global conversation celebrating the people, places and cutting edge ideas that are making our world a place worth living in. Collectively we inspire action to make a sustainable lifestyle the new normal, encouraging a paradigm shift toward a better future for all.

BRAND STRATEGY: Where the power of positivity and collaboration make sustainable living something lived everyday in big and small ways.


Launch Video


Launch Documentary: America's Shrinking Farms



The dot is an ideal visual motif that will be used throughout Collectively. By itself, it is an abstraction of our planet and a punctuation.


In order to maximize legibility at small scales, a stacked version of the logo should only be used for social profile icons and app buttons. At very tiny scales, the logo will not read. Therefore, the favicon, which live as a 16 pixel square on the URL bar, will be represented as the ā€œiā€ from the logo.


The font must not look like it came from a health-food store or natural beauty products. Avoiding spaced-out and serif typography, the font should be clean and modern with some character, but never too esoteric. It needs to feel forward-thinking without feeling too soft or wispy.


The template for the website will be based on current VICE layouts keeping it within the VICE media ecosystem. This also means it can be easily updated and managed.